Shimano 22 Kisu Special 45 Extra Fine (GOKUHOSO)

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Gear ratio: 3.5

Allowable proof strength: 20kg

Weight: 400g

Spool diameter/stroke: 67mm/45mm

Line Capacity PE: #0.6-250m, #0.8-200m, #1.0-160m

Winding length: 77cm/per handle rotation

Handle Length: 80mm

Bearing quantity BB/roller: 9/1

The highest peak Kisu Special of the throwing reel is reborn as the long-awaited 45mm stroke specification. Uses "rigid cast", an optimal balance design that suppresses deflection of the body and main shaft. The rigidity and lightness that can withstand the impact stabilize the release timing, dramatically improving the flight distance and accuracy. Also equipped with Infinity Drive and Silent Drive for the first time. I got overwhelming winding power and winding comfort. Flying, rigidity, lightness, usability, all are the highest peaks. Super slow specification "CE GOKUHOSO" and standard winding "GOKUHOSO". The "45mm stroke spool" that is standard equipment on both models is included as a spare spool. * CE GOKUHOSO (competition edition / equipped with Super Slow 10) has a line that is wound precisely, so the resistance at the time of release is significantly reduced compared to GOKUHOSO (normal speed). GOKUHOSO has simple internal parts and light weight. We recommend CE GOKUHOSO for those who want to pursue more distance, and GOKUHOSO for those who want to pursue lightness.

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