Shimano Seabass Lure XL-113Q Exsense Coo 130F Jet Boost 018 Chart Squid G

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Attack 10cm under 10cm! Pencil that does not sink, floating pencil! COO is a special lure -type lure just below the water surface developed for a range of 10cm in water. It floats with floating even though it is swimming like a sympen. So the seabass looks up at the lure from below and recognizes it. Seabass looks at COO, recognizes it as food, and comes to eat. In order to increase that chance, it is most important to show it first. Bachi, Bora, Konoshiro, Sayori and Hatahata. Experience a new world that can be opened because of this size. Color: Chart Iika G Type: Floating Total Length: 130mm Weight: 15g Flight distance: 62m Diving depth (Reference value): 0.1-0.3m Swim Form: 5 ° flow speed spec: from 20cm/sec

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