Shimano 23 Bioimpact Maruika 73 145 (Baitcasting 1 Piece)

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Total length: 1.45m, Number of spools: 1, Storage size: 145cm, Weight: 96g, Tip diameter: 0.8mm, Weight load: 10-80, Reel seat position: 295mm, Reel seat type: DOWNLOCK, Carbon content: 90.8%

Shimano's highest grade high-sensitivity MARUIKA rods. 73 145.....7:3 tone with emphasis on eye sensitivity. Suitable for a wide range of fishing conditions, from deep water in the early season to shallow water in the late season. Flexible tip made of carbon solid [TUFTEC α], which is sensitive enough to express the bite of fishing in the air with the weight cut off from the bottom and taki-operation with eye-sensitivity.

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