Shimano Boat Rod 23 Bio Impact Light Flounder 64 225 (3 Piece)

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New dimension sensitivity and operability. The light flounder rod is to a new dimension. Bio Impact flounder that was reborn by injecting rod technology polished by Shimano. ■ 64 225....6: 4 tone items pursuing sensitivity and eating performance. Understand the sardine movement and the sign of flounder, and the angler detects from the eating to the moment of hooking. It is a rod that can experience the true value of hand -held style most.

Total length: 2.25m /Joint: 3 /Closed length: 91.8cm /Weight: 154g /Tip diameter: 1.6mm /Weight load: #20-#80 /Reel sheet position: 417mm /Reel sheet type: Downlock /Carbon content: 97%

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