Shimano 23 Master Tune 1.2-500 (Telescope 5 Piece)

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Increases the search for Fukase fishing that is not exhausted. The fusion of basic performance and the situation suitable for situations will enjoy the fun of Iso Fukase fishing. ■ 1.2-500 ... Quick Response. Assumed based on the 40cm class mouth gray. No. 1.2, which can be said to be the standard number of contemporary Fukase fishing, is a tone setting that pursues faithful operability to the basics of Fukase fishing called sashier. Introducing the intended points, mending road thread to the right position, and thread management using wind. By contributing to all operations improvement, it is possible to quickly get contact from the target. The 5m length assisted the angler's judgment to the device appropriately and quickly, and assisted the appropriate operation to deliver it to the mouth of the fish.

Total length: 5.00m /Joint: 5 /Closed length: 108.2cm /Weight: 192g /Tip diameter: 0.8mm /Weight load: #1-#4 /Compatible shock leader: #1-#4 /Reel sheet position: 385mm /Reel sheet type: UP Lock /Carbon content: 98.7%

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