Shimano Boat Rod 23 Sea Wing 73 120-240T3 (2 Piece)

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Lightweight blanks and high -power X A high -cost performance that supports comfortable operability. Blanks, which adopts high -power X structure, which is resistant to screws, has excellent operability and clearly conveys atari. In addition, the guide frame, which is at the entrance of the line, has a double -ring structure of a large -diameter entrance guide that suppresses line resistance and a line convergence guide, and realizes smooth line introduction inside the rod. For the tip type, the soft inner diameter 1.7 mm tip (30-270T, 50-240T), which is softly eaten, and 3.0 mm tip (50-270T3 to 150-270T3), which can easily stop the dust, is used. Inner guidelines (middle rods) are characterized by eliminating problems such as gimmicks with many hooks and guide threads in night fishing. The lightweight and improved rod basic performance allows you to enjoy more comfortable fishing.

Total length: 2.39m /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 124.6cm /Weight: 242g /Tip diameter: 3mm /Bottom diameter: 4.2mm /Weight load: #80-#150 /Reel sheet position: 331mm /Reel sheet type: Downlock /Carbon content: 51.3%

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