Shimano 23 Seawing 64 80-400T3 (Spinning 3 Piece)

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Total length: 3.96m, Number of spools: 4, Storage size: 108cm, Self-weight: 330g, Tip inner/outer diameter: 3mm/4mm, Weight load: 50-100, Reel seat position: 331mm, Reel seat type: DOWNLOCK, Carbon content: 81.2%

Lightweight blanks and high power X support comfortable handling. High cost-performance mid-threaded boat rod. No guides, no thread lice. Inner guide rod (mid-threading rod) eliminates problems such as guide thread tangling when using hooks with a large number of hooks or fishing at night. This rod has evolved to be even more comfortable. The guide frame, where the line is introduced, has a double-ring structure with a large-diameter entrance guide and line convergence guide to suppress line resistance and ensure smooth introduction of line into the rod. Two types of tips are available: a soft tip with an inner diameter of 1.8 mm (used for the 30-300T), which naturally attracts fish, and a tip with an inner diameter of 3.0 mm (50-300T3 to 100-350T3), which easily passes through a float stopper. The high power X construction, which is resistant to twisting, makes the blanks lightweight with excellent maneuverability and clearly transmits bites.

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