Shimano 23 Master Tune Onaga 2-530 (Telescope 5 Piece)

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Total length: 5.30m, splicing method: shake-out, number of spines: 5, storage size: 115.5cm, weight: 252g, tip diameter: 1.0mm, weight load: 1-6, suitable hook: 1.7-6, reel seat position: 430mm, reel seat type: UPLOCK, carbon content: 83.3%

This model is designed to overcome adversity by protecting the weak point of the gripper and overcoming it from a situation in which the angler has the first move. ■2-530.....Swift POWER: This model is designed for catching long tailed grayling of 45 to 55 cm. The upper part of the rod is designed to catch the power and weight of the fish when the rod is at an angle to be knocked back, and the rear part of the rod is designed to take the initiative when the rod is set up to counterattack. The core of the rod's blanks is strong enough to withstand strong instantaneous force, allowing the angler to fight the fish as he or she desires. The full length of the rod makes mending easy and helps anglers smoothly avoid fly roots and other obstacles in front of the lure when fighting.

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