Shimano 23 Master Tune Onaga 2.5-530 (Telescope 5 Piece)

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Total length: 5.30m, splicing method: shake-out, number of spools: 5, storage size: 115.2cm, weight: 262g, tip diameter: 1.0mm, weight load: 1-8, suitable HARIS: 2.5-7, reel seat position: 448mm, reel seat type: UPLOCK, carbon content: 84.7%

This model is designed to overcome adversity in order to attack the difficult enemy, the long-tailed grayling, by protecting the weak point of the gripper and overcoming it from the situation where the angler has taken the initiative. ■2.5-530.....Full power model designed for catching 50-60cm+ long tailed grayling. The most powerful rod in the series to take the initiative from fish and pull them away from the shoreline and main current. The rod provides a constant load to fish whether it is laid down or upright, and its tone does not allow the main line or other parts of the rod to be loose, so it does not unnecessarily ramp up difficult enemies and has the power to win the game at a stroke.

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