Shimano 23 Rinkai Master Tune 1-530 (Telescope 5 Piece)

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Total length: 5.30m, splicing method: shake-out, number of spools: 5, storage size: 114.3cm, weight: 185g, tip diameter: 0.8mm, weight load: 1~3, suitable hook: 0.8~2, reel seat type: UPLOCK, carbon content: 98.3%

For the variety of tactics required to capture black sea bream, we have thoroughly analyzed the details of situations, tackle balance, sashie, etc. used for each number. The Scale Sea Master Tuning is a rod that concentrates sophisticated tone and functions. ■1-530.....Power versatile: Effective in situations where anglers are at a disadvantage, such as points with rough terrain, deep water, and seaweed beds. While enabling strong fighting, the flexibility of the entire blank is secured to cover weak points in fighting, such as the main line, the lure line, and the knots.

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