Shimano Seabass Rod 22 Exsence Infinity S90MH (Spinning 2 Piece)

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4 new models have been added to the highest peak of sea bass rod, "Exsense Infinity". The elements that communicate with these four are the elements that enhanced the power of long lods and power. If you design a rod like this, it tends to be heavy and difficult to operate, but using advanced technology to eliminate its disadvantages. Unlike the impression of the appearance, it realizes the lightness and comfort that is impressive at the moment of holding and shaking. ■ S90MH....The medium to heavyweight lures are accurately and lightly operated. A strong model that controls the ranker. Strong rod that specializes in technical games. Applicable to 12-17cm class minnows, more than 20 to 40g of vibration and big pencil. The stable operability and cast performance for lures with strong resistance are attractive. Demonstrate the ranker seabass capture that prey on large bait fish. Active in ports, rivers, tidal flats, and brackish lakes. Total length: 2.74m succession method: 2 inlay dimensions: 2 Cutting dimensions: 141.1cm Self-weight: 129G Lure weight: 8-50g Compatible line PE: 0.8-2 Grip type Type: Uplock carbon content: 99 %

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