Shimano 22 Bantam 264L/M (Spinning 1 piece)

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A power technical rod that has the potential that cannot be imagined from the specifications, despite the short length. The delicate L -power soft tip that follows the part -time job and the sudden power bat that reaches M power are fused into one rod. Even small fields such as rental boats and Okappari are well-handed, and if you compare them, it is appropriate to call the former model "274L-SB" as it is. Swim with a small snor swim bait less than 10g, and support the fight with the ranker class with bat power. In addition, the dexterity that covers the midst and necoligs, which is equipped with the "excitual top", is the next move to the modern angler's big bass hunting.

Total length: 1.93m /Action: Regular /Joint: 1 /Closed length: 193.1cm /Weight: 97g /Tip diameter: 1.8mm /Lure weight: 3-15g /Compatible line Nylon & Fluoro: 3-6lb /Compatible line PE: Max #1 /Grip length: 203mm /Carbon content: 91.5%

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