Shimano Bass Rod 22 Bantam 264ML-G/2 (Spinning One and Half 2 Piece)

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A glass composite rod that swims a small to medium -sized hard bait and has been updated to actively get a part -time job. Applicable to cover crankings with middle divers, small to medium -sized vibrations and top water plugs. A one -& half design that makes the tip side short, aiming for the coexistence of "sticking to lure the original action of lure" and "hooking performance that uses a short part -time job and entangles hooks".

Total length: 1.93m /Action: Regular /Joint: 2 /Closed length: 130cm /Weight: 102g /Tip diameter: 2.0mm /Lure weight: 4-15g /Compatible line Nylon & Fluoro: 4-8lb /Compatible line PE: Max #1.2 /Grip length: 201mm /Carbon content: 86%

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