Shimano 23 Free Games S80ML (Telescopic 4 piece)

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Fishing adventure with a compact full -fledged multi -rod. ■ S80ml ... Technical & short model. 8'0 "long -term technical games in near -medium -range warfare. A 7 -12cmclass minnow and sinking pencil, a vibration of 12 to 20g range, top plugs, METAL JIG up to 35g, etc.. Seabass is. Of course, a wide variety of targets in the waters are captured. The fields are active in ports, small to medium -sized rivers, and brackish lakes.

Total length: 2.44m /Joint: 4 /Closed length: 70.5cm /Weight: 125g /Tip diameter: 1.6mm /Cast weight: 5-35g /Egi size: #2-#3.5 /Weight load: #8-#25 /Compatible line Nylon: 4-12lb /Compatible line PE: #0.6-#1.2 /Reel seat position: 363mm /Reel seat type: UPLOCK /Carbon content: 84.2%

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